Rotary District 6360 Foundation – A History

An Idea Whose Time had Come

Karl Sandelin had an idea. It was 1992 and Karl was the newly installed Governor of Rotary District 6360. He wanted to develop an International Service project that not only did good but involved the whole of District 6360. What could they do? Barb Herrold suggested Belize. What would they do in Belize? The District obtained a Discovery Grant from The Rotary Foundation (TRF) to research that question.  Schools were the answer. Belize needed help with their education system, particularly when it came to transportation.   School buses were needed to transport students to and from school.  Where do you get school buses? Mike Williams knew somebody – he had a connection with a local school  – as did other Rotarians and used buses could be obtained.  How do you pay for them? Fund raising by local Rotary Clubs, including selling cardboard cutouts of school buses for $20 was the answer. How do we handle the money? The Rotary District 6360 Foundation was born. Thousands of dollars and much planning later a caravan of school buses, other vehicles and Rotarians traveled 2984 miles across the US and Mexico to Belize.  The RD 6360 Foundation was one of the many tools District 6360 Rotarians used to make this project work

Rotary - Making a Difference

The Belize project was the reason for the start of the RD6360 Foundation.  What a difference it made in the lives of the citizens of Belize and the Rotarians that participated in this project. The RD6360 Foundation helps Rotary Clubs continue to make a difference. A difference in their community, their country and around the world. How can the RD6360 Foundation help your Club make a difference?


Grants from the RD6360 Foundation have helped Clubs with a myriad of local projects in their community. Parks, playgrounds, fire suppression systems, fair grounds wifi, college scholarships, Girls on the Run, school backpack programs and literacy projects are only a few of the examples District Rotary Clubs  have been able to complete with the help of RD6360 Foundation grants .  Funds for grants are mainly obtained from proceeds of the RD6360 Foundation Raffle Fundraiser.  Thank you for supporting the Raffle. Rotarians around District 6360 and the world appreciate your support.


Funds were established for hurricanes Katrina in 2005 and Harvey in 2017 to handle monies for disaster relief in New Orleans and Houston. The RD6360 Foundation, as a 501 c3, served as a tax deductible conduit for District 6360 Rotarians to aid our fellow countryman.

Around the World

Biosand water filters to provide safe drinking water in the Dominican Republic was started by the “water boys”. That project has grown into WASH – safe Water, and Sanitation and Hygiene.  Casa Amparo, an orphanage in Mexico, has benefited from donations from District 6360 Rotarians. Again as a 501c3 the RD6360 Foundation serves as a tax deductible conduit for District 6360 Rotarians to fund worthwhile projects.


For over 25 years the RD6360 Foundation has assisted District 6360 Clubs in Making a Difference in their community, country and around the world.  We can celebrate that positive difference and the realization that the Rotary Clubs of District 6360 have made a difference in the lives of thousands of people here and abroad.  It is not just Rotarians that have made a difference. Many individuals, institutions and businesses have helped District 6360 Rotary Clubs make a difference. The RD6360 Foundation celebrates those who help Rotary through the presentation of the Golden Trowel Award to those deserving individuals and institutions.  Public schools, teachers, restaurants, farmers and teenagers are just a few of the individuals and institutions that have recognized the difference Rotary makes. They helped Rotary – Make A Difference.

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